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Our Goal Is On Target

“Serve it forward,” our faith based mission, is on the way to reaching our benchmark from last year of 10,568 pounds of produce . So far, we have donated 4,373 pounds of various kinds of fresh vegetables to the local food banks and pantries. This year the drought has made an impact on many farmers and we are fortunate to have the crops we have.  Last night everyone gathered to pick vegetables and they filled the bed of my pickup truck with cucumbers, all for the mission. We all have many things to be thankful for and we are thankful that we can share. Come by and say hi!


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“Serve it forward” is a faith based mission at our farm that was started last summer. I found out how badly fresh produce was needed at our local food shelf. So last year we planted extra rows of some of our crops that could be donated to several area organizations. They include the Enfield Food Shelf, Homeless Veterans Housing in Vernon and a few other places. We were able to donate 5 1/2 tons of fresh vegetables last year and it was such a blessing to be able to do that.


Wonderful people from Church came one night a week to help pick, wash and pack, it was an amazing experience.  This year we have had many challenges with this growing season, my garden hose and I became best friends, fighting to keep some of our crops alive. Then heavens rain came and saved it all!

Tonight we were able to have our 3rd picking for the season, I am so happy to say we filled the bed of my truck with beautiful produce and I can’t wait to deliver it tomorrow to the food shelf.


Thank-you to all the wonderful people that volunteer to help with this mission , and our awesome customers that support our farm, this mission would not be possible without any of you.

Thank You

Lorrie & Tom

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